Gorham Collection

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Gorham Collection


The Gorham collection consists of papers of Florida A&M University professor, Thelma T. Gorham, 1913-1992. The Collection spans over Gorham’s lifetime. It includes papers, correspondence, photographs, greeting and postcards, and memorabilia. The arrangement of the collection is in both series and box identification. The series are: correspondence, educational and professional career, memorabilia, three- dimensional objects, JET Magazine collection, Ebony Magazine Collection, miscellaneous publications, miscellaneous articles collected by Gorham, photographs, audio and video, greeting and post cards, and pamphlets and brochures collected by Gorham, outside of the series are single boxes with box identification.

Physical Location

Thelma T. Gorham Collection, John G. Riley House Archives, Tallahassee Community College Library, Tallahassee, Florida.


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